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Whatever your goals are, I have a plan to suit your needs because I customize your plan.  These titles are used to categorize the type of plan you are looking for, but each plan is tailored to your specific body type and needs.

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Tigress Transformation Plans are a progression. People who are have more than 25% bodyfat according to the Parrillo method need to start with the Tigress SlimDown Plan (12-week if have up to 20lbs to lose-16 week when have 20 or more pounds to lose). When you finish that plan the next progression is the Tigress Bikini Model Plan & then the TigressFit Plan if you would want to go that far & have that look. Please read through Transformation FAQs carefully before purchasing.When you purchase a plan, you will electronically receive a registration form, personal data form, and waiver.   Please fill all data fields on each form and return promptly (scan & email) with before pictures as per instructions so that I can start to construct your personal training, cardio, supplement, meal plan, mental coaching & eating out tips!  I will send your personalized plan within 10 business days of receiving the forms.


**Start seeing Results within 60 days or sooner. You have to really want this and follow the plan to get the desired results but this is a team effort. I will give you the plan for changes in your physique but this means that you will have to be ready for changes in the way you eat, workout & set your mind. This needs to become a lifestyle, not just a fad diet. Are you ready for positive Changes in your life?. I have helped people just like you through this site and program. You could be the next person Featured and telling your story on Eye of the Tigress! Just be 100% ready for change! If you are not ready then WAIT until you ARE before buying.  We have a No Refunds Policy.  If you buy and for whatever reason you fall off and then want to start it over, you can do that anytime, we will continue to be there for you so you can check in once a week and realize your Transformation!!!


* These Tigress Transformation plans are NOT for competition preparation.

* I do coach competitors on a VERY limited basis and am currently at my limit of competitor clients at this time. If you would like to be considered for a future competition with prep starting in October & get on a waiting list or obtain a referral from me for a reputable trainer, please contact me at alea@eyeofthetigress.com

* These Tigress Transformation plans can NOT be shared. They are made for individuals who have different body types, chemistry, compositions & exercise experiences.

*Disclaimer: Due to different levels of conditioning, body types, previous training experience & genetics, results may vary.

* Eye of the Tigress LLC reserves the right to refuse it's services to anyone.

Transformation FAQs

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